Nothing OS 3.0 Lock Screen Customisation, Teased by CEO Carl Pei

CEO Carl Pei confirmed that Nothing OS 3.0 will be announced in September. NothingOS 3.0 was teased on Saturday by company CEO Carl P. The company, known for its social media marketing strategies, caused a stir when its CEO revealed the new features and announcement timeline for the third major update of its smartphone operating system. “Leak”. Nothing OS 3.0 will have customizable lock screens that will integrate widgets. There is also a feature for dot animation, as hinted at in a separate post. NothingOS 3.0 will be announced in September, however no specific date has been mentioned.

Nothing OS 3.0 new features teased

In a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), Pei posted some images that show off the new lock screen customization feature. Posting the pictures, the co-founder of Nothing said, “Apologies in advance to the team for the leak… but I’m so excited!” This post follows a series of quirky social media posts Pei has created to generate excitement for products and features. Notably, before the launch of the Nothing Phone 2a, he changed his X name to ‘Carl Bhai’.

Nothing OS 3.0 img1

In the post, one of the images showed three different views of the lock screen, each with unique customizations. The first featured a default lock screen with a clock, day and date, and quick access buttons at the bottom. However, the second view, which will be available with Nothing OS 3.0, showed a “Clock + Widget” option.

This customization appears with three widgets — the weather, a shortcut for quick action, and the date. The clock is displayed on this screen in Nothing’s dot matrix font. The second customization option is called “Extended Widget Area” and will display additional information on the lock screen. In the image shared, a large analog clock and day and date tiles occupy the space given to the clock in the previous two lock screens. This choice also features widgets for quick actions, weather, and contacts.

Nothing OS 3.0 img2

In a separate post, Carl Pei Pei also hinted at the dot animation feature. This feature, which appears for images, has three layers – the input image, the live interaction layer, and the final output. The CEO did not share the use case or functionality of this feature. Finally, he also hinted at an announcement date for Nothing OS 3.0 in the post where he added, “Stopping now to leave some magic for the announcement in September.”

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